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Bio Study Essay

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Bio 1600-Test#3-Study Sheet
1. Understand : proprioception    
2. Review regulation of some pituitary hormones(esp. neurohypophysis) by the   hypothalamus.
3. Explain the taste receptors (hairs) of taste buds.
4. Terms re: parts of the eye: iris, cornea, pupil,   retina, optic disk, fovea centralis.
5. Differentiate between rods & cones.   In what part of the eye are they located?
6. What is the name of the structure   that separates the ourter & middle ear?
7. What are the auditory ossicles, and what is their function?
8. What are the roles of calcitonin.  
9. What causes the heart sounds?  
10. Distinguish between diastolic and systolic pressure.  
11. Compare the nervous and endocrine systems.
12. Compare protein/amino acid and steroid hormones.
13. Concerning hormones, how do hormones travel? Effect cells?
14. What are tropic hormones?
15. Know location & function of the adrenal.
16. What is the function ADH?
17. What gland is both endocrine & exocrine in function?
18. Know the location (what cavity) and layers of the heart.  
19. Know the chambers and main vessels connected to the heart.  
20. Sinoatrial node is also called the pacemaker.
21. Compare size, PRESSURE, and function of arteries, capillaries and veins
22. Know the layers of vessels?  
23. What causes CO2, O2 and nutrients to move in and out of capillaries?  
24.What impact does constriction of vessels have on blood pressure?
25. What chambers of the heart have oxygenated,deoxygenated blood?  
26. Concerning blood, know: pH, kinds of cells, and functions.  
27. Distinguish between formed elements and plasma of blood.  
28. What is hemopoisis?   Erythropoietin?  
29. What organs destroy worn out blood cells.
30. What is heostasis, and why is calcium essential to the process?
31. Compare the amounts of RBC’s and WBC’s in blood.

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