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Bioethics Research Essay

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Bioethics Research Essay
Remember those days when the idea of being able to choose the appearance and physical characteristics of your child were just in science-fiction movies? These days genetic technology has changed our daily lives in more ways than one. In the year 2012 you can choose how your child looks, get paid millions for getting a patent on something such as brown eyes, and even prevent life-threatening genetic diseases, but these rewards don’t come without a price. Along with this new technology came a wave of controversy and dispute over genetic discrimination or whether genetic engineering is even ethically right to allow this technology to even be used in the first place. Genetic Engineering and technology should be used for people who have a genetic and/or life-threatening disease; not to determine the physical appearance of a child, to make money, or without the proper rights and consent of the people as a priority.
So what is genetic engineering in the first place? According to the Union of Concerned scientists, “Genetic engineering refers to a set of technologies that are being used to change the genetic makeup of cells and move genes across species boundaries to produce novel organisms,” ("http://www.ucsusa.org" 1). Gene therapy is the process by which bad genes are removed and replaced with a good gene and then inserted back into a person’s body, or the embryo, and it is often used to rid of genetic diseases like Huntington’s disease. This allows for parents to become informed about a genetic disease being passed to their child beforehand and prevent the child from suffering or dying at an early age because of something that they can’t control. In this case a donor for the gene is needed in order to perform this procedure. Although procedure does cure the disease, it can still be passed down to other generations. In some situations the parents can’t afford to do the procedure or just don’t want a child with a genetic disease and get an...

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