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Biology Essay

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Below is an essay on "Biology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1 The Australian hopping mouse, Notomys alexis, is a desert animal. It produces urine that
is very concentrated.
Why is this an advantage for the animal?
(A) It needs to conserve water.
(B) It is nocturnal and only drinks at dusk.
(C) It has a high intake of salt in its specialised diet.
(D) It needs to excrete large amounts of water to survive.

2 What is the role of ADH (vasopressin)?
(A) It increases the amount of water reabsorbed in the kidney.
(B) It increases the amount of sugar reabsorbed in the kidney.
(C) It decreases the amount of water reabsorbed in the kidney.
(D) It decreases the amount of sugar reabsorbed in the kidney.

3 The flowchart represents one example of homeostasis in an endotherm.

Which of the following does Response X represent in this cycle?
(A) Increased rate of sweat production
(B) Increased rate of urine production
(C) Decreased rate of sweat production
(D) Decreased rate of urine production

4 Four students were asked to design a first-hand investigation to determine the effect of
pH on the activity of an enzyme.
Their designs of the investigation are shown in the tables.

Which investigation is the most appropriate?
(A) Design A
(B) Design B
(C) Design C
(D) Design D

5 The sweet taste of freshly-picked corn is due to the high sugar content in the kernels.
Enzyme action converts about 50% of the sugar to starch within one day of picking. To
preserve its sweetness, the freshly-picked corn is immersed in boiling water for a few
minutes, then cooled.
Which of the following explains why the boiled corn kernels remain sweet?
(A) Boiling destroys the sugar molecules so that they cannot be converted into starch.
(B) Boiling inactivates the enzyme responsible for converting sugar into starch.
(C) Boiling kills a fungus on the corn that is needed to convert sugar into starch.
(D) Boiling activates the enzyme that converts starch into sugar.

Question 17 (3 marks)
  (a) Label, on the...

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