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Biome Vacation Report

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Biome Vacation Report
Iquitos, Peru (Amazon Rainforest)
My biome is the Tropical Rainforest. In Peru there is a place that no one really hears much about. Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest. The city is surrounded by three rivers: the Nanay, the Itaya, and the Amazon River.  The city can only be reached by airplane or boat, with the exception of a road to Nauta a small town located in the south of the amazon rainforest. Iquitos was once known for its rubber industry around the first decade of the 20th century. This boom attracted thousands of immigrants from around the world, mostly young single men that hoped to make a fortune in rubber; a very important item that was used in the early stages of the automobile. When the demand of the automobile became great so did the demand for rubber. Many bankers and merchants made their fortune that way; but the boom did not last that long the seed where rubber was harvested was smuggled out of the country to be harvested in other countries ending the boom of the rubber era (1880-1912).  Many of the wealthy Europeans during this era built great mansions in the late 19th century, some which still survives to this day. The Spanish Iron House located in The Plaza de Armas (Iquitos main square) was actually built in France by a famous designer named Gustave Eiffel who designed Paris famous Eiffel tower. Still standing to this day, some other things to look for is the ceramic designs around the Mansions of the Iquitos main square, all shipped from Portugal as well the mahogany that was carved in by Italian artist and then shipped back to Peru.  For a while Iquitos was a quite city till it started to harvest beautiful wood only found in the Amazon Rainforest  becoming the most important trading port in the Amazon basin; Japan is one of the biggest buyer of wood as well as China. There are other important items that can be found in the in Iquitos like oil, beer, and the famous Camu Camu fruit. The reason I want...

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