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Biomed Essay

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TASK 1 (P1)


  A) Labelled

  B) Bacteria is a single cell organism. They do not have a nucleus and are prokaryotic cells. Bacteria are simpler structures with no membrane bound organelles. A bacteria has a cell wall, plasma membrane, pilus, DNA, capsule and ribosomes.

  C) The average size of a bacteria is between the diameter of 0.5 to 5 µm. A bacteria reproduces asexually.
      The cell divides by binary fission, the DNA replicates itself and then they are divided into two identical cells.
      Some bacteria make their own food and some rely on a supply of ready made food.


  A) labelled

  B) Viruses are not cells and are not made from cells. They are small organic particles. Viruses can have an oval or a diamond shape. Some may have spikes around the viral coat and some are long but thin. Viruses are made up from DNA and RNA. They have a protein coat that surrounds the nucleic acids
      they invade for their hosts to reproduce their size.

  C) An average diameter of a virus is between 10 to 300 nm. They tend to have several shapes. For example; they can be Oval, diamond like or even three-dimensional polygons. Viruses reproduce within the cell. They do not eat, grow, move or respire.


  A) Labelled

  B) Fungi’ are not classed as animals or plants. They are eukaryotic organisms. They can either be single celled. For example; Yeast and mould. Or they could be multicellular. For example; mushrooms. A fungi could be in the structure and form of a mushroom.

  C) Fungi sizes may vary. They are typically 3.5 µm. They feed on preformed organic material. Fungi can reproduce both sexually and asexually. They will only reproduce sexually if the fungi is in a stressful condition.


  A) Labelled

  B) Parasites are organisms that live inside a host (Ourselves). They have the ability to destroy our tissues and cells. They can produce waste products....

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