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Biometrics Essay

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The traditional user verification technique does not provide proper security. But BIOMETRICS makes it possible to authenticate an individual’s identity based on one’s unique personal characteristics. So implementing biometric in computer networks is a challenging technique.
In this paper we have given a brief introduction to biometrics, their working and their role in computer networks.
Traditionally, access to these networks involves the use of a network login id associated with a password or personal identification number (PIN). Biometrics will change all of this. In this paper we have implemented a new semantic that uses existing password based systems while eliminating user’s knowledge of their passwords for network security along with its function, working and setup.
This semantic was later developed as BioconX software in which the server uses one or more biometric databases to map users' physical characteristics and a SQL database as a repository for user and application information. Any SQL that supports an ODBC interface can be used for this purpose. Passwords stored in the database are encrypted. These techniques will span the entire information globe irrespective of the increased costs when compared to the level of security they offer.


Authentication and security have been major issues right from the beginning of the computer age. The emerging and efficient technique for implementing security is BIOMETRICS. Biometrics makes it possible to authenticate an individual’s identity based on his or her unique personal characteristics. Identification and authentication (I&A) is basic to security. In I&A, identification tells the system who the user is, while authentication provides some evidence that the user is really who he claim to be.
Authentication is generally based on one or more of three factors:
 What you know.
 What you have.
 What you are.
Traditional passwords are the obvious...

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