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Birth Control For Teens Essay

  • Submitted by: babigirl2019
  • on February 18, 2012
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ENC 1101 – 120

The age long debate about giving birth control to teenagers has gone on for decades. Some says that by giving birth control (the pill and/or condoms) to teens, we are giving them the green light so to speak to become sexually active. That it is the individual parents’ decision to make. Whereas others say by doing so we are protecting our children from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned teen pregnancies.
Birth control can be and is prescribed for more than protection. It is also prescribed for medical reasons. It is used for treatment of irregular acne formation due to hormonal imbalance, excessive hair growth due to androgens, reoccurring ovarian cysts, and irregular menstrual cycles. Birth control is also prescribed to prevent Anemia (condition of low iron) in females with heavy blood loss during their menstrual period. (Birth Control Pills, 2005-2012)
However birth control does have its side effects. Some of the side effects associated with birth control that may occur are sore and/or swollen breasts, spotting small amount of blood between periods, lighter periods, and mood changes. Some of the more serious side effects that may occur are abdominal (stomach) pain, chest pain, severe headaches, blurred vision, and swelling and/or aching legs and thighs. (Birth Control Pills, 2005-2012)
According to the statistics over 600,000 teens in the United States alone become pregnant each year. (Why Should We Talk To Our Kids About Sex? , 2004-2012) In the U.S., 3 million teens are infected with some type of STDs/STIs every year. (Why Should We Talk To Our Kids About Sex? , 2004-2012) 1 in 4 teens that are sexually active will contract an STD before graduating from high school. (Why Should We Talk To Our Kids About Sex? , 2004-2012) That 75% of girls and over 50% of boys say that most girls who have sex do so because that is what their...

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