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Bis 450 Hip Hop Records Final Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on January 8, 2013
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Hip Hop Records (HHR) New Website to “GO LIVE” on the World Wide Web.

    It’s time for Hip Hop Records to take its new website to the World Wide Web starting on January 4, 2013 utilizing web hosting services and state of the art technology. Hip Hop Records website will offer its users a fun and interactive feel; with a hip hop appeal.  

    In this age of instant web purchases and music libraries that are digitized, what audience still cares about old-fashioned vinyl records? Hip Hop Records, Wesley Collins (owner) that’s who.   Hip Hop Records and its staff is just one of the vintage continuously growing legions of vinyl record fans. Vinyl records verse CDs: you take a CD, you put it in your computer, you rip the music or you put it on your mp3 player then a lot of people then throw the CDs away or give the CD to someone else. The care given to a CD verse a vinyl record is different for example; CDs are sometimes left in cars where they can warp or easily be damaged due to heat exposure or they are mishandled and easily scratched or damaged on the other hand vinyl has this magical feeling and the vinyl record is handled with greater care and the sound totally embedded within an object that a little needle brings to life is irreplaceable. Hip Hop Records is still in love with the physicality of that. I can say an advantage CDs have over vinyl records is they are portable but for vinyl record lovers there is no substitute.

    Hip Hop Records is geared to reach all vinyl record lovers of all ages for example; 50+   individuals who grew up listening to records and still enjoy how a vinyl records sounds; there is no skipping around or jumping tracks and older individuals may find vinyl records more relaxing. Record collectors/ Vendors are other individuals expected to visit Hip Hop Records website, there are individual that collect vinyl records and look for old rare and hard to find records and finally individuals that study music or art my visit Hip Hop...

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