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Black Belt Essay

  • Submitted by: ranch67
  • on January 5, 2013
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Douglas Rochler November 16, 2011

A black belt in not just fabric that you tie around your waist.   A black belt is the achievement of self-perfection and discipline. Over the years it has taken me to make it to this achievement, I have learned that the skills you learn in class are used in everyday life.   The discipline I have learned here has helped me maintain control on all of the other aspects of my life.   Through these years I have learned that sleep will affect my performance not in only tae kwon do but in school and any other activities.   I have learned to control my emotions.   I have learned to be polite, respectful, kind and to have integrity at all times when dealing with others.   These principles have helped me to avoid conflicts with my peers and others.   With each belt achievement, I have learned respect, responsibility, concentration, focus and self-defense.   As proud as I am to have worn each level belt, it is the internal success of self-confidence and self-esteem that has helped me the most.   There were times when I felt overwhelmed by the demands of school and life in general.   Each time, it was the confidence and the knowledge of my inner strength that I learned from Master Suh and his instructors that I was able to overcome these feelings and succeed in each endeavor that previously felt insurmountable.   These skills have been instrumental in my Boy Scouting endeavors as well.   I have achieved several ranks and am confident these skills will lead me to my ultimate rank of Eagle Scout.   The achievement of black belt has been my goal since the day I first walked into class as a white belt.   I was motivated to achieve this goal because the students who have achieved this belt have been kind and inspiring to me.

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