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Black Boy Essay

  • Submitted by: briwash1
  • on September 19, 2012
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Briana Washington
    The constitution states clearly that “All men are created equal.” But during the Jim Crow law era black males were constantly persecuted, beaten, and constantly treated unfairly. This is how the writer Richard Wright grew up, but in his autobiography Black Boy we learn even though he went through hard times he eventually achieves success.
    Richard Wright was a very independent person; he stood out and stood alone. Throughout the entire book Richard never seemed to get emotionally attached to anyone. He learned at a very young age to become independent and do things on his own. Soon after his father’s leaving and his mother’s stroke, Richard soon learned he had to take charge and make a change.
    Conjointly with his independence, Richard was very rebellious. In one part of the book Richard and his brother are playing with a stray cat on afternoon when his father orders the cat and sarcastically speaks saying “Kill that damn thing.’’ That’s exactly what Richard does, he knows his father was speaking sarcastically but also knows that if his father disciplines him for his actions he is risking his authority.
    Even though Richard was very rebellious he succeeds In finding success due to how smart he was. When he was very young without much education he already knew he had a true desire to learn any and everything. This all started when he was four. One morning Mrs. Wright, Richards’s mother tells Richard that coal she had ordered was going to be delivered to the house and Richard was responsible for paying him. When the man arrives he simply gives him all the money without even asking for change. When the worker asked how much change he needed back, Richard did not know and before the man left he learned how to count to 100. That’s where his desire for learning began.
    There were numerous occasions in the life of Richard wright that would have slowed down or completely stopped most people; but Richard was different, he was a...

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