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Black Holes Essay

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Many nights, we stare up into the vast and wondrous sky, filled with bright stars and ....nothingness. Space as we know it, contains many objects that have been known to outweigh and outsize our Sun. One of those things is the black hole, a ferocious beast that sucks in more than just its fill. In 1969, John Wheeler coined the term “black hole” after confirming that it was an appropriate name for such an object. This highly condensed dead star of darkness has been known by most scientists as one of the most feared in the universe, due to the fact that it can become a very potent enemy to our solar system. Scientists have predicted that one of these massive phenomenal objects could set their course into our solar system. Hundreds of rouge black holes roam the universe; with the potential that one, with 500 times the density of our Sun could pass through our solar system and leave it void. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that wandering black holes were posed as a threat, considered renegades in our solar system. These holes of darkness are created from supernovas that have exploded grandiosely; only to have become absorbed back into its core, within a millimetre of a spot. Once the rotation begins, the gravitational pull increases until it creates an event horizon.   This event horizon is the very spot that all materials and objects inevitably become pulled into oblivion.
                Although it is true that a black hole can demolish our world by crushing it into subatomic particles, chances are, we would perish due to the descension   from such a monstrosity; not to mention that people would die to the loss of essential conditions to sustain life (for example, distance from the sun). Tides will change due to a disruption in the Earth’s orbit which would also cause the planet to spin out of control into the Sun or into empty space. In empty space, there is no Sun or heat that would ultimately lead to no climate, atmosphere or oxygen.   However, for this scenario to...

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