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Blake and Sterne English Literature Essay

  • Submitted by: predrag
  • on January 26, 2013
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William Blake (1757-1827)

    ← The unique poet in the English literature; he was quite successful painter as well; complex personality
    ← In his lifetime known only to the narrow circle of admirers but in the 20th century revealed and very popular, in many respects in front of his time
    ← Difficult to classify his literary work (18th century)
    ← Born and lived in London; learnt the profession of engraver and book illustrator (did that manually) – today, his works very expensive; spent some time at the Royal academy (painting)
    ← Lived poor life, his contemporaries could not recognize his artistic values

    ← The poet of original and strong expression; his verses different from everything written in 18th century; used intuition and imagination instead of reason (dominant in his time)
    ← Focused on the mankind problems and visions of the world change
    ← He was a prophetic writer with complex creative abilities
    ← Avant-garde writers in the 20th centuries share the same values with this poet; negation of esthetic norms in art and society; he tried to create new system, treatment of past, present and future – they meet in one point outside of the objective side
    ← Three elements influenced his artistic development: modest origin, support of the French revolution and the protestant backround (the Bible devotion)

    ← Blake’s ideas and motifs: space, God creator, immortality, ontological questions
    ← Human slavery under authorities – state institutions,   religion and social organization; man lost the joy of living under these authorities and separated from his own nature; Blake’s message – liberation of all authorities
    ← Blake perceived the notions of material world as the relative ones; man as a being of sense and sensibility (equally present); negated the Puritan morality; suppressed sexual desires negative (before Freud)
    ← Creative energy and imagination crucial for his life philosophy (all the authorities...

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