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Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper

Gilbert Martinez


June 29, 2015
Kelly Duman

Blue Ocean Strategy Paper

A description of blue ocean strategy and its importance

With a unique approach to building a stronger base other than trying to compete against a marketplace that has a strong marketplace with customers that already exists. The importance of blue ocean strategy has grown the last few years this paper will talk about BOS. The purpose of BOS is not to out-perform the competition in the existing market, but to create new market space or a “blue ocean.”

A product or service that might be considered a blue ocean move and why

An example of a service that used the blue ocean strategy that I would like to use in this paper is Air Asia. What Air Asia did by not targeting the main stream customers of airlines and by not going head to head with the more dominant Malaysian Airlines, Asia’s main focus was to target the low end customers of Malaysia that included Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Thailand. That would like to travel, but could not afford the airline ticket. While other airlines chose to not cater to these customers Air Asia’s founder saw a perfect opportunity to gain huge profits in this uncontested market.   Just how Southwest airlines did in the U.S Air Asia operated in the similar low cost model and has been highly successful in doing so. “Mr Fernandes believes the trick is to be single-minded about the operation and to keep it simple. ("How Air Asia Founder Tony Fernandes' Dream Came True", 2012)

Another BOS business that succeeded due to going out finding a big blue ocean is a great company that stands behinds their believes they can change the world one pair of shoes at a time. TOMs created a business that is a hybrid charity and a shoe making company. When you buy a pair of shoes TOMs will have a pair donated to a third world country this strategy gives its customers a huge satisfaction of feeling like they are...

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