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Bnnhb Essay

  • Submitted by: callme4567
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 589 words

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To Start Off,Everyone has there favorite rapper that they like well who is mine you may ask? well my favorite rapper is nicki minaj and who is she better than Lil Kim also knows as the rat queen as said by all of Team Minaj.nicki minaj is better than Lil Kim because of many reasons but the most obvious three reasons are First,the first reason is because she makes more money than lil kim.Second,nicki minaj has her own tv series on E! and Finally,nicki is more major than lil kim. so as go further i ask that you sit,back,relax and enjoy as i take you on a journey through the world on why nicki minaj is better than lil kim.
First,nicki minaj is better than lil kim because she has more money.Nicki minaj has more because she currently has some great deals on her hands this includes two platinum albums “Pink Friday” and “Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded”,an huge endorsement with “Pepsi”, another huge endorsement with “Addidas” and not to mention her debut fragrance released in septemeber called”Pink Friday” and Finally “American Idol” so clearly we talking a couple million dollars or maybe billions now isnt that sitting on your favorite rappers fate but also she has a clothing line to debut in 2013 also and where is the Lil Krim no where to be found sad little story right ,but now you truly get what im talking about “its sad when you has when you have to sell   your album on PayPal” as minaj stated in her diss song towards kim enitled “Tragedy”.
Second,nicki minaj is better than lil kim because she hs her own tv series.Nicki minaj recently debuted her tv series entitled “My Truth” which debuts every sunday at 10:30pm on E!.the three part trilogy surronds my favorite rapper as she embarks on a journey to finish her upcoming new album “Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded The Re-Up” which is slated for release on November 19th 2012.The album includes the new tracks:”Up In Flames”,”Highschool featuring Lil wayne”,Yeah featuring Parker,” “The Boys Featuring Cassie”,and “Freedom” which one...

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  • Submitted by: callme4567
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 589 words
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