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Bonnie Essay

  • Submitted by: js3morris
  • on February 19, 2012
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Real Colors Lesson Assignment
My ID color type was identified as gold; one of the more difficult to handle types. This makes complete sense for me in the regard of. I have been always told that I am seemingly hard to approach and possibly hard to work with outer exterior. Once one begins to know me they find out I am a no-nonsense individual but a hard charger, leader and organized to get any situation complete. I have always had a knack for leading and developing those around me. I am exactly as the poster states. Dedicated, punctual, organized and ready to lead to the enjoyment of accolades that follow.
The most important thing I learned from the real colors hand out is how to gel with other color types and let down some of my guards on some things on the sack of group dynamics. I learned my color is one of the colors that seemed the hardest to get along with. Gold and Orange don’t mesh as well due to the free spirited not by the rule's type they are. Blue are more giving and understanding, and Green just think about everything.  
I have two actual lifelong goals taking from this for lifelong learning. First, I want to be more understanding about everyone else’s color types knowing everyone doesn’t learn the same or work the same, and that is ok. The second goal for me is to be more patients loosen up and have more fun in my environment with those around me, so I can avoid needing fewer conflicts. I also want to gain more social aspects in my life with other where I usually tend to fail at.

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