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Book Report on “Germany in the Nineteenth Century” by Eda Sagarra

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Below is a free excerpt of "Book Report on “Germany in the Nineteenth Century” by Eda Sagarra" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Dr. Eda Sagarra is an Emerita Professor at Trinity College at Dublin University. She is also Pro-Chancellor of Dublin University and Chair of the Irish Research Council. She received her master’s from the National University of Ireland, her Ph.D. in German literature from the University of Vienna and her Doctorate of Letters from Dublin University. She as taught German language, literature and history at Manchester and Dublin universities and is the author of a dozen books on German and Austrian history and literature.

The book is about Germany in the 1800’s, a time that Germany was not the Germany as we know it today, but highlights the one constant theme for Germany in the 1800, change. She starts out with the invasion of Napoleon which is right after the French Revolution. Because of the changes that Napoleon made in Holy Roman Empire, which he later dissolved, many Germans associated the ideas of the French Revolution with Napoleon, in that they were bad for the people of Germany.  
After Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo, the congress of Vienna wanted Germany to be like it was in the Holy Roman Empire, a fractionated state system that had no consolidated power to keep the French away from Prussia and Austria. Austria’s Leader Metternich setup a system of almost absolute control to keep Germany’s power base unconsolidated, which lead to the demise of Austria’s control over Germany and Prussia’s conservable influence into what is now Modern Germany.
She talks about the first half of the century by talking about the different influences and things that were happening in Germany at the time. Most notable was because the Congress of Vienna did not reestablish all of the princes of Germany before the invasion of Napoleon, Germany were already on its way to unification. Because of the changes of Napoleon, society had changed and Metternich did nothing to undo that change.
Dr. Sagarra talks about the Society of the 1815-48 in which you see the emergence of a 4th...

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