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Book Review [Land and Social Change in East Nepal]

  • Submitted by: Amartumyahang
  • on August 21, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Land and Social Change in East Nepal
(A study of Hindu-tribal relations) -Lionel Caplan
The writer of this book is Lionel Caplan. The data on which this study book was written by him, were gathered from Indreni Cluster; Ilam district in east of Nepal, during the course of a thirteen-month field trip in 1964-65. This book is the study of Hindu Brahmans and tribal Limbus' social and economic relations.   The first edition of this book was published by Routledge and Kegan Poul Ltd, London in 1970, and the second edition is published by Himal Books, Nepal in 2000. Eight chapters were included in first edition of this book, but now it bears nine chapters with a postscript chapter.   Its core text contains 235 pages. It is attempted to review the book from the academic perspective.

Chapter-wise main ideas
In the first chapter of this book, the writer stated how the Hindu people spread throughout most of the South Asia along with his study area east of Nepal. The immigration of Hindus into Limbuwan was started since eighteen centuries, and after agreement of 1974 between Limbu chiefs and Prithibi Narayan Shah; Hindus invasion into Limbuwan advanced highly. He mentioned that following the Hindu invasion, large-scale migrations of non-Limbus entered into Limbuwan. The both tribal Limbus and Brahmans faced a problem how to adjust to each other. Since then it began to interact between Hindus and Tribal Limbu peoples, effect to each other and started the process of Hinduization and Tribalization. In this process, not only interaction, the conflicts also were evolved there. The writer mentioned that he studied Hindu-Tribal relations focusing on Indreni Cluster in Ilam district, east of Nepal. Here, the Hindu terms refer to Brahmans of Aryan racial stock and Tribal refers to Limbu peoples of Mongolian racial stock. Limbu peoples are tribal of Limbuwan who were pre-settled there, and all tribal groups held land under a customary form of tenure which has come to...

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