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Book Review Over The Handmaid's Tale-Senior In Hs

  • Submitted by: vmguire
  • on February 20, 2012
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A world different than the one we know, where women’s rights are almost nonexistent, The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a futuristic, dystopia novel.   It takes place in what used to be the United States but is now called the Republic of Gilead.   This book left the reader hanging at the end.
Offred, the narrator, is sent to her third home to be a Handmaid for a new Commander.   To her surprise, this Commander is different; he actually wants more than just a Handmaid-Commander relationship.   He invites her into his office often to play Scrabble, talk, and one night even take her to a whorehouse.   These encounters build suspense as they continue to happen.   Not knowing if she is going to get caught or what his intentions actually are, force you to keep reading to find out.   If that is not complicated enough, the Commander’s wife, Serena, wants a baby so she asks Offred to sleep with Nick, a chauffeur.   Serena asks this because it is illegal to say the man in sterile, which she thinks he is, so if Nick got Offred pregnant they could pretend as though it was the Commanders.   This is presently surprising, the feeling of rebellion and that she is actually getting to have feelings for someone is exciting.   She is getting to repossess a morsel of her old life, of control.   The climax is when Offred starts to fall in love with Nick and thinks she might be pregnant. While trying to figure out her feelings, she and Ofglen, another Handmaid, have to go watch an execution of a woman who has broken the rules.   Becoming pregnant should keep her safe but falling in love with Nick is putting her in danger.   Offred realizes that Ofglen, one of her only friends, has killed herself when she saw the secret police coming for her.   The Commander’s wife confronts her in private about her secret meetings with her husband.   Offred has to wait in her room pondering what her punishment will be.   When she sees the van of the Eyes pull up she does not know what is going to happen.   Nick...

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