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Borrowing Books from Library Essay

  • Submitted by: fidyaayu
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Name : Fidya Ayu Widanti
NIM : 080210491049
Name : Fidya Ayu Widanti
NIM : 080210491049

Borrowing Books from Library
There are so many information that we will get by reading books. By reading books, we can get information, knowledge and entertainment. As a university student, we need to read more books related to our subject of study to support our lecture. Every university has had a library with many of books collection. It is one of facilities in the university which we can use for free when we lacked for some books we don’t have. To get the needed books from the library, we need to prepare or do something necessary, they are bring our ID card, check the book we need, borrow the books and return the books on time.
Every library in different university has different regulations. In this case, Jember University has the regulation that requires everyone to bring and show their ID card to the receptionist if they are going to enter the center library. If we didn’t bring our ID card, of course, the receptionist wouldn’t allow us to enter. Besides, we are not allowed to bring our bag when we enter the library. It is to anticipate and make sure that we are not going to steal the books from the library. When we went there by using our vehicle, don’t forget to bring our motor vehicle license because there are some securities who will ask us to show your motor vehicle license and check whether that is really ours’ vehicle or not before leaving the center library.
When we already in the library, we can go directly to the book shelves to find some books we need manually without checking the availability of the books. If it is too hard to found the books manually, we can check it first whether the books are available or not by using the computers there if we know the author or the tittle of the book or the keywords. If we still can not find the books that we need, we can ask to the librarians to help us finding our needed. The librarians will always ready to help...

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