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Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data Essay

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Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our
Customer Data

  1. How should the Flayton Electronic respond to this crisis (go out with information about the breach or not? Explain your answer – what could be positive and negative consequences.

      In this article I just read there are 4 different opinions from top managers what do they think how should he react. I won’t refer on that, so here is my personal opinion.

      So, these are major case characteristics :

      - Data have been stolen

      - Their reputation is shattered

      - Customers are furious, robed and the company can be sued

      - Their firewall was not   100% safe

      - Two employees have not so bright past

      - Different suggestions and opinions are displayed

      I have read about company’s policy. Their motto is happiness of their customers – not to see the customer only as a resource of income, but to see their happiness with their products und use on daily basis. Their actions could be two side mirrors – first, if they go public they could admit that someone has entered their base and stole the customers records, they will get panic reaction from the customers, their credibility will be strongly shattered and their opponents will end up smiling knowing that the company has lost their market share. But if they do go public and be honest in this case, if I am their customer, they wouldn’t lost my trust, and their social responsibility is to be honest no matter what happens. It is better to know then live in ignorance. But as a second option, the police and some of the team top members have strongly advised not to go public, because they will suffer media lynch and they will lose everything. This option says that they should be quiet and not say anything until they get green light from the police and bank, but if there is a leak at the company and news travel fast, and media are cruel and can influence on customers mind they will definitely lose...

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