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Bottomless Pit Essay

  • Submitted by: dreasilas
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: English
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Andrew Wagenblatt
Professor Hopkins
English comp 2
6 September 2012
In the article “Oklahoma hates big government but loves the money” by Janet Pearson she wants to know why the Washington Post is interested in Oklahoma government money. While citing things from the Post, Pearson points out how we like to have our cake and eat it also. Well, we might be hypocrites when it comes to government money and the government trying to tell us what to do, but I think that there are only certain aspects that we want the government to be involved with.
When it comes to health insurance I think that it is up to the individual whether he/she chooses to have it. It is not like car insurance where there might be another person involved when an accident occurs. We are only putting ourselves in a possible financial burden when we get sick, hurt, and need medical assistance if we don’t have insurance.
While drought relief might be the tip of the iceberg, as Pearson stated, farmers can’t do anything about the weather except throw up a prayer. I mean we are in the bible belt are we not. Now wildfires have plagued our state and the government should step in and help with funding for families and businesses. They help other states why not us!
Although the numbers seem to be high when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid, is it really high if we were to compare it to other states. Sure we have approximately 3,500,000 people in Oklahoma, but what about Texas, California, Florida, New York and so on that have many more residents than we do.
Finally, the federal monies that go for highways and roads are essential for travel purposes. Oklahoma has been referred to as the heart of this nation and everybody knows that if we don’t take care of our heart, things will get bad. So taking care of the highways and byways is crucial for our economy.
We may not like the government sticking there nose into our state, however it is necessary for the government to give us money.

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