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Bowater and Liverpool Essay

  • Submitted by: Grenalz
  • on October 4, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Bowater and Liverpool" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Everybody has dreams for their town, how to make it better, what things should change or what things should be added. Like how our main source of income most familys was recently shut down, leaving a lot of people without jobs. Or the amount of times this town is under construction, everytime you leave your house there's some kind of detour that you have to take off the main road because something is being worked on. Finally the fact that everyone constantly tells everyone about how badly they want to leave Liverpool.

In Liverpool, a large majority of people, parents, grandparents, and young adults worked at a paper mill named Bowater Mersey, a bit before the closing it was renamed Resolute. For about a year or so before the closing, the company that owned Bowater would periodically close it for short periods of time, this started to build up the tension with the workers. When the news came about it shutting down for real this time, hearts all throughout Liverpool fell, Bowaters, the place where people made a living and supported many generations was soon to be gone, for good. It was a life changer for many families.

Construction is a good thing, it fixes things, improves things around the town, but there's always something in the road causing detours everywhere. What if people had to get to places fast, like work, or if there was an emergency, emergency vehicles couldn't get through when they needed to most, it creates obsticles that aren't needed. They should make construction happen at night, the workers could stay home all day with their families, put their kids (if they have them) to bed and head off to work, come home, and wake up to spend the day with their kids, win win situation for everyone.

Finally, all these people in Liverpool complaining about anything and everything they can. This is a beautiful town, with good people and good times, if you want to move away from it, so be it, don't tell everyone everyday. There's no reason people...

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