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Bowlbys Theory Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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John Bowlby is renowned for his theory on attachment in which he “presents evidence that maternal care, infancy, and early childhood is essential for mental health” (Tizard, 2009 p18). This assignment will discuss Bowlby’s theory whilst relating his theory to Intellectual Disability Nursing. The first comparison will explore Bowlby’s stance on institutionalisation and how it could adversely affect ones ability to socialize and interact properly (Horst, Veer 2008). In addition this assignment will relate the relationship between insecure attachment and depression in people with intellectual disabilities (Larson et al 2011). Lastly, examining how an autistic child’s impaired ability to relate to others could affect their attachment to their parents or care-givers (Rutgers et al 2007).

Bowlby described attachment as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings" (Bowlby, 1969, p. 194). His research convinced him that the earliest bond that the child and caregiver form have a lifelong impacting effect psychologically and socially. He argued that a child whose mother goes out to work experiences maternal deprivation causing them to be what he called an “affectionless psychopath”. This statement brought about controversy from the public as it was around the time that mothers were emerging into the workforce (Gross 2005). Psychologists criticised his opinion that the mother and child’s attachment is the most influential attachment that the child will experience. According to Gross (2005) fathers and siblings play as an important role in the child’s development as do teachers, classmates, neighbours and friends.
Prior to the second world war Bowlby was commissioned by the World Health Organisation to investigate the effects of children’s development of being raised in institutions (Horst, Veer 2008). In his studies he examined the harmful effects of growing up in an institution. He observed the development of the children and recorded their...

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