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Bp Memo Essay

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BP should be responsible for the gulf coast disaster to maintain the company’s reputation and avoid bigger pay for criminal investigation; legitimate claims and safety violations.

    • BP has a long history of hard work to overcome its negative image through sustainability initiatives and social responsibilities such as taking initiatives in investing in alternative energy like wind, solar and bio-fuels to reduce global warming. By doing so, BP supports its own strategy of emphasis on environmental responsibility.
    •   BP needs to keep its good relationship with the United States’ government and the consumers.   In addition to the pressure on BP’s responsibility, the U.S. announced it would be launching criminal and civil investigations into the disaster.
    • Hundred or thousand of legitimate claims will be filed against BP from numerous law firms in the area of disaster.

Additionally, BP is the owner of well, they are ultimately responsible for everything that goes wrong with that well.   It is just like BP is responsible for profits when the well goes right.   In fact, nobody at BP caused the disaster or made a decision that led the well to blow up; they are still at fault if things go wrong.

    • BP cannot ignore the disaster or try to cover up its unethical conduct with the rebellion in the media.   In this 21st century, everything that BP does will be connected with something else.   The consequence of a lack of social responsibility can made the company to lose consumers and business partners.
    • Highest global standards of social responsibility are acceptable whatever the market.
    • BP had contracted with other companies to provide them services.   When everything is clear, those subcontractors should hold the responsibility as well.

Nowadays, multi-national companies are changing to include new and wider responsibilities to adapt with the influence of the media and the consumer’s power that growing faster than ever. “The company has to...

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