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Brand Personality Essay

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Govers, Pascalle C. M. and Ruth Mugge (2004). "'I Love My Jeep, Because Its Tough Like Me': The Effect of Product-Personality Congruence on Product Attachment," in Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Design and Emotion, ed. Aren Kurtgözü, Ankara, Turkey.

‘I love my Jeep, because it’s tough like me’, The effect of product-personality congruence on product attachment
Pascalle C.M. Govers [1] (p.govers@nyenrode.nl) Nyenrode University, the Netherlands

Ruth Mugge (r.mugge@io.tudelft.nl) Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Contact address: Pascalle C.M. Govers Nyenrode University Center of Supply Chain Management Straatweg 25 3621 BG Breukelen phone: +31 (0)346 291225 fax: +31 (0)346 291250 email: p.govers@nyenrode.nl

Key conference themes: Design and Memory, Emotion and Design

Biographical notes Pascalle Govers is Assistant Professor Marketing at Nyenrode University, where she teaches Research Methodology and Multivariate Data Analysis. She has a MSc in psychology and her research interests involve the “irrational” aspects of consumer behaviour, mostly directed towards symbolic consumption. Her current research includes the understanding and measurement of product personality. She developed a scale to assess the personality of durable consumer products. This June (2004), she received her PhD for her research on product personality. She presented her research at several international conferences on marketing, personality, and product design, and co-authored a chapter on the role of product appearance in a recently published book on Product Development and Marketing.

Ruth Mugge is a PhD student at Delft University of Technology. After obtaining her Masters Degree at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in 2001, she started her PhD project on the topic of product attachment. The research objective of this project is to explain and stimulate the emotional bond a person can experience with his/her product. She...

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