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Breaking the Silence Essay

  • Submitted by: Ewuresi
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Breaking the Silence  

Today will not be an ordinary day at Dream Downtown. The new trendy five star hotel located in the heart of downtown New York City is where the beautiful Sarah Smith can be found working as a lifeguard at the outdoor pool on the second floor. As she stands there waiting for the elevator to head back to the pool deck, he slowly follows. The security guard walking towards Sarah is dressed in all black as if he was attending a funeral service. He then approaches her, gently says hello, and reaches in for a hug. Not thinking anything of it she gets on the elevator then presses the second floor. Sarah never thought she would be his victim. While she is on the elevator with him suddenly he unzips the side of her lifeguard pants, puts his hands in her pants, and then rubs on her thigh. She is completely shocked with no words to say. Then Sarah rushes out of the elevator very quickly to avoid him. In great fear she looks back and sees him following her, so she opens the door to walk to where the bartender is. He walks to the restroom also located on the second floor by the pool, as if nothing ever happened, just like any criminal who just walks away form a crime. This situation confuses her. She does not know whether to fight against this assault or whom can she discuss this situation with.
After hours fly by she looks at the time and realizes that it is 8pm. Her shift is now finally over. Embarrassed and humiliated she never tells a single soul of what happened to her this day. Nevertheless she goes home try to get some rest and just forget this day ever happened. Individuals like Sarah are afraid to fight against sexual harassment at work.   Most victims of workplace sexual harassment do not report their case or even reveal it due to fear of losing their job and lack of knowledge of their civil rights; as a result, some suffer through a number of psychological and physical effects.
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