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Broken Bone Essay

  • Submitted by: paulettes38
  • on September 19, 2012
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Broken Bone .

“Crack! Bang!” was all I could hear at the moment I my bone. It was my first and only bone I ever broke so far into my life. The bone I broke was my left femur. To me it was like a numbing pain that kept growing and growing. Well let me tell you the story.

    A day in the summer of two thousand and nine, around ten (AM), I woke up Mom called me to the kitchen for breakfast. As I walked over there like a zombie, I asked her what was for breakfast she replied in her singing voice. “Eggs, toast, and bacon.” “sweet.” I murmured as I made my sister and myself a glass of orange juice. Later that afternoon my uncle stopped by just to chill with the family. He brought his son (my cousin) and we both are skateboarders. So we went to this eight set by the BP Gas Station near my house. So he started to try to jump it, took him about seven tries to land it. That got me excited/pumped because it looked pretty sick. “Let me try this.” I said. He backed up to let me try encouraging me. “You can do it little cousin.” He said. When I came closer to the jump it got kinda scary. But in my mind I was like “go hard or go home.” So I just went for it, got my speed and jumped. As I landed one of my feet didn’t land on the board. The board rolled on ward with one foot and the other stayed where it was planted on the landing. I fell to my knees the impact broke my femur. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed. Two steel plates, two steel rod and 4 steel strew were needed to repair it. And a bit of therapy.

I remember this because it was the most painful thing in my life so far. What I learned was to never go to hard. It was just a normal day and that happen. I would of never thought I would end up at the hospital that day. But hey life is crazy .

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