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Bromine Essay

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The element Bromine has the atomic number of 35, and its symbol is Br. Bromine has a mass of 79.904, and it contains 35 protons, 35 electrons, and 10 neutrons. It possesses 7 valence electrons and contains 4 shells. It is in period 4, and group 17 of the periodic table. The element Bromine was originally produced in Heidelberg by a young chemistry student named Carl Lowig in 1826. However his work was delayed over winter break, allowing the chemist Antoine-Jerome Balard to write a paper on the newly discovered element. Balard named the element Bromine, after the greek word “bromos” (Thomas Jefferson, n.d.).
Bromine can be found in the earth’s crust and in seawater. It is a hazardous material, and when it comes in contact with a human, it irritates the skin, mucous membranes, and tissues. You could be exposed by drinking contaminated water, eating contaminated food, breathing in the fumes, or direct skin exposure. It is most often found as a liquid (Facts About Bromine, 2006). It is commonly found as ethylene dibromide, C2H4Br2, and as silver bromide, AgBr (Thomas Jefferson, n.d.).
One of the major uses of bromine is as a water purifier. It is used in swimming pools, as well as hot tubs. Bromine compounds are also pesticides, used as soil fumigants in agriculture, and as a fumigant to stop pests from attacking grain and other produce. Bromine compounds are being tested as batteries for electric cars, hoping to produce zero emissions. Bromine substances are important parts of many drugs, such as analgesics, sedatives, and antihistamines. Bromine compounds are active ingredients in several drugs that treat pneumonia and assist in stopping cocaine addictions. Currently, several drugs containing bromine compounds are being tested for treatment of Alzheimer's disease and for anti-cancer and AIDS medication. Bromine compounds are also used in photography. They are used to make the light-sensitive component of a photographic emulsion. Others are used as an ingredient in...

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