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Bsn and Beyond Essay

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There were many points in the chapter that I found interesting in regards to nursing and economic issues.   I have always felt that that when it comes to supply and demand,   hospitals were always on the short end when it comes to keeping up.   Until reading this chapter, I never understood the monopsony power of the hospitals.   I never understood that wages were directly determined based on a profit versus revenue point of view.   When you think about it, this just opens the door for staff to be overworked and underpaid not taking into consideration for patient and staff safety.   Before this reading, I have always assumed that hospitals made the revenue by driving up the patient supply and equipment cost rather than it having an effect on nursing wages.
Nurses as complements and substitutes for physicians are an interesting concept that I am sure creates tension in the medical arena.   I have never felt that physicians are very open to having nurse practitioners and physician assistants enter into their areas of work.   I always have the feeling that doctors sometimes view anyone without a medical license as not being educated enough to perform properly.   Viewing nurses as a complement has not ever been a perception of mine and until recently, the use of substitution has not been accepted.
The value of health care as far as what the US spends does not add up when you look at the numbers.   Prevention is overlooked for the most part.   Mental health and public access is disappearing, and access to care is uneven and disappearing.   Yes, the resources are out there, but unless you have money, insurance, or knowledge, you probably will go without.
The biggest way I feel that I can affect the health care system is through prevention and education.   It is far more cost effective to teach a patient to monitor their own health like diabetes and medication management than it is to deal with caring for a non-compliant patient with major complications in the hospital.   Prevention...

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