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Building a Coalition - Mgmt591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Essay

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Case Study: Building a Coalition

Lisa Chandler
Keller Graduate School of Management
MGMT591 – Leadership & Organizational Behavior
Professor Wendy Finlay
May 20, 2014

The public school system in Washington D.C. is dealing with issues of truancy, low student performance, crime, and high teacher turnover. The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency, has agreed to partner with the public school system as a means for developing an after school program. This program will bring together the Woodson Foundation’s expertise in fundraising which will aid in funding the program and the organization’s community leaders as a source for support to the public school system’s educational staff. The goal is not only to develop this after school program, but to do so by developing a new agency that will be formed by the sources of both the Woodson Foundation and the Washington D.C. public school system. Members from the National Coaliltion for Parental Involvement in Education will also be a major partner in the program, serving as representatives for the parents and PTA.
This paper will address the stages of group development, discuss the primary and secondary problems the Woodson Foundation is facing, and provide some tools for addressing these problems.
Group Development
The team is very much in the preliminary stages of forming a team. Candidates have been selected for the development team but no hiring or placement has taken place. Once the candidates are chosen the team will begin development. The first stage of group development is forming. During this stage the members of the team will be uncertain about their purpose, structure, and leadership. Members will seek to determine their limits and acceptable behaviors within the group (Robbins & Judge, 2012, p. 275). It is apparent that many of the candidates for the development team hold a variety of different positions and views about parent involvement in program...

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