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Bully Essay

  • Submitted by: catalinaa
  • on September 20, 2012
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Sometimes it is hard to identify the gravity of the situation and any loose thread may lead to serious consequences in life.   A child undergoes various situations in life before evolving as an adult. Confrontations surface while playing with mates. Teasing may also be associated. But this is not the matter of concern.
It’s all parts and parcel of growing years. But then the situation gets tedious when it takes an ugly turn. Like tormenting abusing verbally or intentionally trying to threaten the younger or the weaker child. It is called as bullying if repeated over and again with the intention to hurt. It can be verbal, physical of psychological in nature.
Bullying might start at an age as early as preschool and might intensify in the transitional teenager years. There can be various reasons behind this kind of aggression behavior. Victim is shy an weak in built as compared to bully.
They build on those insecurities and insult the different qualities of kids.   No one likes the way insults feel, and this is why bullies are criminals and deserve more severe consequences.     Secondly, bullying can end in a tragic death.   Though it does not happen often, it has happened.   The usual event is suicide of the victim, or a violent act by the bully that may end in murder.   For example, “15 year old Phoebe Prince hung herself after being harassed by classmates who threw cans at her before speeding off.” Phoebe had been   bullied for almost three months before this occurred.   There is also teenager Larry King who was   shot in the head in front of a teacher and a whole classroom full of students.     These horrible events can start for many reasons including jealousy, gender bias, or racism; it just isn’t right.   Bullies are criminals; they terrorize and harass their victims, ripping apart their self-esteem and attacking their insecurities until the unthinkable happens; violence or even a tragic death.   People often think that bullies don’t see the effects of their...

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