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Burglary Dilemma Essay

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  • on February 17, 2012
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Burglary Dilemma


Burglary Dilemma
      Just recently I was returning home from work to find my 16-year-old son’s friend inside my kitchen looking through a drawer. When I asked him what he was up to he responded by telling me he was trying to leave a note for my son. The boy smelt of marijuana and next to him on the counter was a lock pick and some of my jewelry. I suspected that the boy had broke into my home and was attempting to steal from me so I told the boy to leave immediately. The dilemma I now face is trying to determine if I should call the police, call the boy’s parents, should I tell my son, or completely forget about the incident?   My decision was based upon research of criminal causation theories and what I thought would be most helpful for the boy’s future.
Criminal Behavior Theories
After my frustration and anger had subsided I began to consider my options and attempt to put myself in the shoes of this young man. Being a mother, my heart goes out to the parents of this boy. So I began to think about whom this boy was deep down and what type of background he has had growing up. From the research that I had done about criminal behavior I realized that his actions today may have been spurred by his environment, his up bringing, his lack of parenting, social pressures, or other criminal behavior theories. More specifically, after considering what happened, I believe that this boy’s attempt at burglarizing my home was a direct influence of adaptive behavior tied to the concepts of modeling theory, behavior theory, and the attachment theory. Schmallege (2009), in his book Criminology today: An intergrative approach (5th ed), quoted Abrahamsen’s book Crime and the Human Mind (p 26), by stating   “Some psychiatric perspectives have held that crime is a compromise, representing for the individual the most satisfactory method of adjustment to inner conflicts which he cannot express otherwise. Thus, his acting out the crime fulfills a certain...

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