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Bus 499 Essay

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In my paper, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of gays raising children.   I am going to voice my personal opinion, what researchers think about it, and from a transgender point of view.   I am also going to give advice for the gay couples that want and that are raising children together. I personally don’t have a problem with gays at all.   In fact, my favorite cousin is a transgender.   However, I do have my personal opinions on gay men raising children.   My transgender cousin, Raven Phillips, and her friends have their opinions also.
My cousin Raven once asked me would I have a child for her and her gay lover.   I love her to death but I would not do that.   She even asked me could she be my daughter’s Godparent.   Which means if something happens to me, she will take care of my daughter.   I think gay males raising children is setting up the children for failure.   For some reason society approves lesbian (two females) couples before they approve two males being together.   I once had neighbors when I was growing up, that was lesbians raising boys.   They didn’t get teased much, but they would go around lying saying the other partner was their aunt.   Everyone knew that was a lie because one of the females was black and the other was white.
A study on gay parenting by USC stated “children born to and raised by homosexuals tend to play, dress and behave differently than children raised in heterosexual households”(Silsby, 2001).   I do believe that is true.   Due to the fact that they may get teased more than the average child.   Studies have also found that homosexual males has hundreds of sex partners in their lifetime.   That is not safe for a child’s well-being.   According to A. Dean Byrd,   UP of National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, children raised by homosexual are “more apt to experience gender and sexual confusion”(Silsby, 2001).   Females raised by two females may grow up to be more “sexually adventurous and less chaste....

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