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Business Environments Essay

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Business Environments:
If Lazybones plan to internationalize, the company should investigate the Business Environments of both Pakistan and Malaysia. According to BusinessDictionary (n.d, p1), business environments are “the combination of internal and external factors that influence a company's operating situation.”
A strong indication of the type of business environment of a country is the degree of difficulty to set up operations. ‘Doing Business’ has developed a system that ranks economies from 1 to 185 “on the ease of doing business based on indicator sets that measure and benchmark regulations applying to domestic small to medium-size businesses through their life cycle.”(2013, p5) According to this system as of 2013 Pakistan has a rank of 107.
According to the World Factbook (n.d, p4) “the Pakistani workforce encompasses 59.21 million people making it the tenth largest workforce by country. Encyclopaedia of the Nations (EOTN) claims (2013, p1), “7Pakistan has an unemployment rate of 7 percent however, Pakistan has a substantial undocumented labor force.” EOTN continues stating (2013, p1)   “unemployment could be as high as 15 percent, with majority of the population entering the job market with limited occupation prospects, the establishment of jobs, especially in rural communities, is of increasing importance. Furthermore there is a lack of skilled labor, due to the low quality or absence of educational services, particularly in rural areas.” Child labor is also an increasing problem within Pakistan. EOTN finalises declaring (2013, p1), “despite most Pakistani children work in the agricultural sector, there has been an increasing number of children working in urban centers weaving carpets and other garments.”

As of 2013, according to the ‘Doing Business’ system, Malaysia has a rank of 12, which is an improvement from14 in 2012 (2013, p5). This is clearly significantly better than Pakistan, which might be contributed to the...

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