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Business Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
            Sexual orientation discrimination includes being treated differently or harassed because of your real or apparent sexual orientation -- whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual. This type of discrimination may be illegal in your workplace, depending on where you work. This is not a personal problem that should be handled among themselves. As an Equal Employment Opportunity company, the company should ensure that guidelines are given and followed to prevent this type of sexual harassment and discrimination. If the company permits the posting of these types of pictures then the problem will never be solved. Robinson should not have to argue with her peers because she feels she has been harassed. Instead, the company is expected to maintain an atmosphere comfortable and fair to all of its employees. Companies have a legal obligation to protect their employees from sexual harassment. As a duty of care, a company should implement a sexual harassment policy that is taken seriously, acknowledged by all workers, supervisors, and, managers of the company and those actions will be carried out if manifested and not tolerated. In JSI’s case, they did not communicate the policy effectively to the supervisors of the shipyard (sexual harassment). In addition, they did not follow through on the procedures for reporting violations.
            The behavior of Lois Robinson’s co-workers is not acceptable. The behavior is not acceptable because it is an act of discrimination and sexual harassment. The sexually explicit pictures, the sexually suggestive and humiliating comments of her male co-workers. Since the Jacksonville Shipyard was a business that operated with male and female coworkers, a sign such as that posted, expressed a prejudice towards women. As an individual she not only has a legal right to be treated fairly, but the moral right as well. First, moral rights are tightly connected with duties. Robinson has...

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