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Business Leadership Essay

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Leadership is easily defined, but difficult to apply.   There are many very effective leaders, and not one of them is exactly the same.   This is why a personal leadership development plan is so important.   It makes you think about what leadership means to you, and what qualities are important for you.   We all learn from people we see as great leaders, as well as those who we feel are not good leaders.   These experiences shape us into what kind of leaders we aspire to be, and a realization to what leadership qualities we already possess.   This essay will explore the framework of the leadership aspirations and learned experiences I have developed to lay out a leadership development plan for myself.

Leadership Psyche
Everyone has his or her own thoughts on what makes a great leader.   My thoughts may be much different from someone else’s and yet we may both become great leaders in our own right.   My leadership theory is that a leader inspires and produces other leaders.   Leadership is not about where you are or your position.   Leadership can be found in every level of an organization, not just at the top (Cohen, 2000).   Leadership is not achieved through works, it is achieved through respect and others willingness to follow.   Someone who is in a position of leadership, but is not respected is not really a leader.   They may have authority, but not leadership.   The greatest leader of all time was Jesus Christ.   He held no position of authority.   He was a carpenter, not a person of ‘authority’, at least by earthly standards (The Holy Bible, 1995).   So, what made him a great leader?   He put others first.   People were drawn to him because he genuinely care and appreciate them.   He was a great leader because he valued others.   He also developed leaders.   This is evident in his cultivation of disciples and followers that continued his work when he was gone.   Being a great leader produces great leaders (Maxwell, 2003).

Leadership Agenda
I am currently...

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