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Business Plan

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Hawa Sirleaf
Unit 7: Ambulatory Clinic
Amy Nelson
February 24, 2013

Below you will find a table listing my staffs and their salary range. As the clinic administer and the owner to this company, it’s only fitting that my salary is listed above all my staffs.   While researching the various salaries I came around few numbers that seems like a great salary for such a title, however since I’m being ask to provide a reasonable range for the each salaries given.   I chose the $65,000 due to it being that I’m working on salary and regardless of how many extra hours I put in I’m only coming home with $65,280 annually.
Basically I figure in order to be earning that much I would have to be making $34 dollars hourly working 80 hours bi-weekly and then times that by two and then multiply it by 12 to get the total yearly earning for my position.   Using the same exact same method, I then came up with my nurses, Financial Accounting, program Manager and Direct Care professional annually salaries (34*80*2*12).
I know these salaries ranges may appear a little much but if my method of calculating annual salary fit then it’s all right and I also consulted with my Program manager at my present job and she told me that the number were not off at all.   However, if we were dealing with only part-time staff then the number might be a little different but bear in mind that these calculations were done based solely on the simple fact that the salaries had to be in a Full-time equivalent. Just to clear justification of how I came up with the salary range for the rest of my staff, let me demonstrate how I got each.
For the Direct Care Professionals this is what I did (11*80*2*12) and then I did the same for the program Manager but change the hourly rate (17.50*80*2*12)As for my nurses I used this formula right here (25*80*2*12=$48,000)
Ambulatory clinic Staff | Salary Range (FTEs) |
Clinic Administer | 65,280 |
Nurses | 48,000 |
Direct Care professional ( caregivers) | 21,120...

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