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Business Plan

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Mission Statement:
We offer comprehensive health and fitness training for you to transform your body. My unique programs provide state of the health and fitness exercises, nutritional advice and health information specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of men and women of all ages from beginner to advanced levels.
A personal training program can put you on the road to improved overall health, fitness and well-being.
• Look, feel and perform better
• Have more energy, strength and stamina
• Relax more and sleep more soundly
• Enjoy your food and maintain a healthy weight
• Have more confidence and feel better about yourself
• Strengthen your heart and lungs and improve circulation
• Help control blood pressure
• Ease stress, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
• Help protect against Type 2 diabetes
• Help maintain balance, coordination and agility
• Help reduce blood fat and cholesterol
• Keep muscles supple and strong, and joints mobile
• Strengthen the bones, offering some protection against osteoporosis
• Balance work and life
I believe that working through physical challenges in the gym strengthens not only your muscles, but also your resolve to conquer everyday stresses, leading to an elevated quality of life.

Business goals:
• Our Goals is too recruit new clients each week.
• To teach and show them correct technics so they can start training effectively on they on after few months.
• Create best and unique program for weight lose and muscle gain.

Operating procedures:
Open days and hours
• Monday- Friday 6.00 am – 9.00 pm
• Saturday – Sunday 8.00 am – 2.00 pm
Staffing requirements
• Mon-Fri 1x Book keeper 2x Personal Trainers 1x Gym Instructor
• Sat- Sun 1x Book keeper 1x Personal Trainer 1x Gym Instructor
  Equipments requirements:
Every client must bring bottle of water, towel and boxing gloves if you have boxing class session.
    Payment policy:
• Payment may be made by cash or by credit...

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