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Butterfly and Star Essay

  • Submitted by: Sweetmey
  • on October 19, 2013
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One afternoon a young butterfly with fragile and sensitive body was flying loosely and playing with the wind, and then she saw a very bright star, and fell in love. Immediately she returned to her home, she was crazy for telling to her mother that she has been discovered what love is.

“What stupidity are you saying?” It was the cold response from her mother. The stars were not made for that butterflies could fly around. “Find yourself a pole, or a screen, and fall in love with something, that's the reason why we were created”, said her mother. Disappointed, the butterfly decided simply to ignore the comments of her mother, and she returned to enjoy with her discovery. What a wonderful dream! She thought, so she armed herself with patience and began to try to overcome the distance for reaching her love. She was so excited the arrival of the night, and when she saw the first rays of the star, she was quickly waving her wings toward the sky.

Her mother became increasingly angry. “I am very disappointed with my daughter, all her sisters, cousins ​​and nephews have nice burn in their wings, caused by the lamps”, said her mother. “Only the heat of a lamp is able to excite the heart of a butterfly, you should put away these useless dreams and reach a possible love”, said her mother again.

The young butterfly irritated because nobody respected her feelings, left the house. But deep down, she was marked by the words of her mother, and she felt that her mother was right. So, after a while, she tried to forget the star and fall in love with the light of the home screens, lights were showing the colors of gorgeous pictures, the fire of candles were burning in the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, but her heart could not forget the star. She was seeing that life without her true love was meaningless, so she is gone toward the sky again.

Night after night trying to fly as high as possible, but when the morning came, she was with the...

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