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Californian Tale Essay

  • Submitted by: AmneHakeem
  • on October 17, 2013
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In Californian’s Tale, Twain presents Henry as the only alive person, with his well-cared-for cottage; the first time the narrator sees him. And then throughout the story bit by bit with the foreshadowing clues he hints the ending with; makes us discover Henry’s real character, with the psychoanalytic school of criticism. It is true how Twain viewed Henry according to Kubler’s theory of DABDA, and also Freud’s view of Henry as a person with Oedipus Complex. The clues for the veracity of Henry’s character are through his agitation and fixation as for DABDA, and perfection of the wife, and the simile of the mother on behalf of Oedipus complex.
Prove for DABDA in Henry’s complexion is most importantly his physical and mental agitation; which shows us his psychosis at denial stage of DABDA, after the death of his treasured wife, his brain had shut down the fact of her death. He denies her inexistence, and lives his life as if she is still with him. Even though throughout the whole year, he unconsciously knows that she is dead, he goes back into denial phase in those two weeks before the date of her supposed return; which actually means that he has never crossed the denial stage and never believed in her death. In the scene where Henry and the narrator are waiting for her, Henry starts being anxious and sways back and forth, which projects his inner conflict, his denial. His unconscious mind knows she isn’t ever coming back, and that makes Henry half breakdown because his conflict is coming into light from the shadows of his inner mind. And since he cannot accept it, the men take him in and put him to sleep. Again Henry’s fixation for denying reality is the second reason for DABDA. Henry’s whole life run around his wife; his cornerstone, even though she is dead; he had made her is reality. Henry fantasizes about living his life with his wife. All his thoughts and feelings are about her and as the narrator tell us in the scene of the same night they knew each other...

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