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Canada Life Essay

  • Submitted by: cherishshan
  • on January 8, 2013
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    The education system as a whole in China has many similarities to that of the Canada; however, there are also some notable differences, which seem to mainly stem from the large population difference and the culture of the respective countries.There three reasons that are Teacher-centered and student-centered, Memorizing and understanding and activities.
    First of all, I would say that the prime difference between the two education systems is that one uses teacher-centered classes, and the other uses student-centered classes. In China, the teacher is the only authority; his or her words are not to be questioned. Students are not expected to speak up in class or respond to the questions that the teacher asks. Therefore, most of the questions are rather rhetorical. Questions are brought up for the teachers to answer. Thus, there is no motivation for the students to be active. This leads to a very unusually phenomenon, the students sleeping in class. Students of the Canadian education , on the contrary,   participate more in class. They have class or group discussions and they are forced to express opinions, which are valued. In this way, students also listen to other’s ideas, which make them not only learn from the teachers, but also their peers.
    Secondly, the way students learn individually (not as members of a class) also differs from East to West. For instance, Chinese education is mainly based on book learning and memorization. They focus on classics and exams. Teachers often have to rush through the textbooks to meet the deadline of every monthly examination. Hence, students learn from memorizing facts, which are often forgotten after a short period of time, rather than understanding. And the lack of understanding all the facts results in the need for cram schools. However, sometimes students put too much dependence on cram schools and often exhaust themselves, which can easily pull down the efficiency of learning. I noticed that recently teachers...

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