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Canadian Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: ILoveCanada
  • on January 7, 2013
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Violent Video Games Do Contribute to Youth Violence
Violent video games contribute to youth violence by being blamed for school shootings, it also increases bullying, lastly the violence in the video games teach children that’s acceptable way to resolve problems. Video games are being blamed for school shooting because of the violence in them. The students play the video games and then they think it’s fine to harm another person. Many people have been arrested mostly because they have played violent video games. Students may think that they are the character in the video game so they try to act like them. They also increase bullying. A new violent video game set in the school and encourages the players to act out assaults on pupils and teachers. The people who play these games want to do what they are showed in the game they had played. Niall Cowley of the charity BeatBulling, said, “We’re upset that they even created these games in the first place”. Video games had made bulling even worse than it already is. Lastly, video games are teaching kids that it is okay to be aggressive with others. Many parents have said that after their kids have played a violent video game, their attitude has changed. They also said that they sometimes harm people physically. Playing these games are not appropriate for younger children or teenagers. For those that might argue otherwise, research shows that some video games may actually reduce violence by serving as a “substitute for rough and tumble play and by providing a safe outlet for aggressive and angry feelings.” However, this does not necessarily apply to all the violent games out there. Some are obviously more violent than others and can influence youth to express violence towards others in the non-gaming world. In conclusion, violent video games do contribute to youth violence by being blamed for school violence, increasing bullying to others, and by teaching youth how to be aggressive...

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