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Cancer Essay

  • Submitted by: magda4500
  • on November 12, 2012
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Radiation therapy is the treatment of disease, esp. cancer, using X-rays or similar forms of radiation. Even though Radiation therapy weakens the immune system it is necessary to fight off cancer. If a patient does not take therapy the cancer will kill them either way. People are afraid to take Radiation therapy because of the side effects. It makes different simple illnesses a major problem and a big risk for death. There are many reasons like loss of hair that scare patients but only about two thirds of cancer patients take radiation therapy. There are 6 major ways it affects your health.

Radiation therapy affects the brain, thyroid, and the blood system are the first three. It takes about 5000 rens or more to damage the brain cell which do not reproduce. Therapy can cause seizures and death. Radioactive iodine can actually partially or all of the thyroid but you can reduce the effects of this by taking potassium. The exposure of about 100 rems can reduce the bloods lymphocyte cell and leaving you at the risk of infection. This is referred to as radiation sickness and is similar to simple cold. Symptoms are said to last as long as ten years after treatment.

A few other parts that are affected are the heart, gastrointestinal tract, And the reproductive tract, the last three ways it affects your health. To cause heart failure or death it would need about 10000 to 5000 rems to damage small blood vessels. If the radiation therapy affects the intestinal tract lining it can cause nausea, vomiting blood and diarrhea. This takes the exposure of 200 rems and up. Reproductive tract cells divide rapidly which allows as low as 200 rems to make damage. It can be long term and cause victims to become sterile. Most things after therapy are irreversible.

Any illnesses like a simple common cold can be very dangerous for a cancer patient. Since the victim's immune system has been weakened its easy to catch a cold and very difficult to get rid of. This common cold...

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