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Canine Chagas Parasitology Essay

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Franceschi Microscopy and Imaging Center
Section: Biology 418 - Diagnostic Parasitology
For a service quote please email Student consultant:

Student pathologist Name Ryan Roberge

Please fill in the following information regarding the patient:
Patient Name: Hank                 Patient age: 7 years
Human_ Canine__√___ Feline_ Bovine_ Other____ (Explain___)

Patient symptoms: A male Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix, 7 years of age, came into the clinic with evidence of numerous bug bites.   Generalized lymphadenopathy, and mild myocarditis (slightly elevated heart rate) was noted.

Travel history:   Patient and family had returned from a trip (16 days prior to the symptoms) to the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Previous laboratory tests: The blood smear revealed flagellated organisms.  

Image 1. Blood smear stained with Wright-Giemsa. 100x.

Please label the morphological features observed within the above amoeba.
List the abbreviations used for image 1.

In Image 1 C shaped trypomastigotes that have either been ingested by the dog having eaten infected feces or through infection of bite mark by route of defecation of entry with metacylic trypomatigotes as shown in the above image with erythrocytes and macrophage. Our suspected pathogens after looking at image 1 were Trypanosoma cruzi, Leishmania donovani and Trypanosoma brucei.

Write a short essay (1 or 2 sentences) on why the significance of the finding. And why a possibly dangerous cardiac needle biopsy is necessary.  

New test ordered:   Needle biopsy of the heart tissue.

Suspected pathogen(s):
1- Trypanosoma cruzi
2- Leishmania donovani
3- Trypanosoma brucei

Tissue sample specimen: Minimal needle biopsy was obtained.
Type of tissue Processing requested:
__√__Light Microscopy-Histology: Formalin fixation/paraffin wax/H&E staining
____Electron Microscopy-Ultrastructure: Glutaraldehyde fixation/epoxy resin/heavy metal staining

Image 2.   Light micrograph of tissue...

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