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Canines in Criminal Justice Essay

  • Submitted by: SarahOlivia
  • on January 26, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Unit Five Midterm Essay

        Sarah Shirey
Professor Robert Ponzetti
November 20th 2012
Canines within a police force are treated as an equal to a human officer. Both humans and canines are to go though a training process to be certified. Have completion of all requirements both are assigned specific places amongst law enforcement agencies. In this discussion we discuss canine training standards and how they coordinate throughout criminal justice agencies.
During canine training the dogs go through series of tests to be completed, sometimes timed. The canine is to complete the process correctly before continuing. In the beginning of the process the canine is to gain the handlers trust and vice-versa.
      Understanding the canine comes from a pack mentality, challenges for the handler may occur. If the K-9 decides to challenge his handler he could go into defense mode. The dog may try and earn the role as the Alpha. This will cause the handler to fight with the dog just like a wolf pack. If this happens it could take several minutes to tire out the dog and the handler will earn the role as Alpha. On obedience test is to teach the dog to heel when told. Tugging the collar or move the canine in a forward motion to maintain beside his handler with the canines shoulders approximately to the leg of his handler (National Police Canine Association, pg. 10). This process is done until a complete response from both the handler and canine. This is the most important process. If the handler and canine do not positively respond to every aspect, moving forward is obsolete. If both parties do not know their place, if they are on a call and the dog needs to be released, and actions get out of hand someone could become hurt. Spectators, offenders, family members, the handler, or even the canine could be seriously injured. If the K-9 decides not to listen to the correct orders, a case could be dismissed due to not following the required steps in retrieving...

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