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Capitalism Essay

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Recently,I watched a movie named “Capitalism, A Love Story.” The movie let me understands the economy stsyem .If I get the opportunity to aks MichaMoore about the documentary,I will ask two questions.One question is:Is capitalism is the worst economic system in the world ?In   the movie, the economic recession due to capitalism.Michael Moore showed many different events from the Ronald Reagon era all the way to the president era of George W. Bush,and how the economic recession has influenced a lot of industries in the United States.Moreover, the economic recession influenced high and middle class citizens, which cause the large wave of hoe foreclosures, a bunch of employees getting laid off without any reasons,and unemployment rate increase every day.It seems capitalism is the worst economic system.However,Japan is a capitalism nation like the United States.Japanese’s economy is the third largest in the world. “According to the International Monetary Fund, the country's per capita GDP (PPP) was at $34,362 or the 24th highest in 2011.” (Economy of Japan) Japanese capitalism system got sucessful   because of cultural differences, the resulting economic activity has different than the US.Japan’s market competition is limited and particular system.If labor works for low wage,then he or she get less skill and job title.Skillful labor is getting high wage and working on   chagallge tasks.In Japan,low price products and high paying jobs are reducing .Many companies would pay more attention in create the good product before considering to increase economic gain to sacrifice of their employees.Overall,capitalism system is fit japanese industrial demands.So capitalism is not the worst economy system but not the best either. So capitalism is depending on what a country need what economy system.

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