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Car Rental Business Essay

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Keys to a Successful Relationship.

Social networks:
We can create a Twitter profile as well as a Facebook fan page. These accounts will allow us to interact directly with our online customers. We can let them know of promotions we have, and download photos about the cars we have, and they can give ideas and suggestions to improve our business. It will also allow our business to grow virally through word of mouth.

Owning a website:
It may seem like common sense, but it needs to be said. Our business needs a website to be competitive online. Without a website we will be facing a constant uphill battle. It will only cost us a few dollars per year, and with that we can generate customers.
We can show the customers what kind of cars we have and the prices for all kind of cars
Luxury cars: starts from 120 R.M daily.
Sport cars: starts from 150 R.M daily.
Sedan: starts from 130 R.M daily.
Affordable cars: starts from 90 R.M daily
And we will write all kind of cars and the specification of every car we have.
With the numbers of the company if any customer wanted to know more about us.

Posters and bulletin boards:
Posters can be very powerful when placed where our customers will actually notice them. But thinking of how often I’ve actually noticed posters and bulletin boards myself. My best bet is to place the posters on bulletin boards and other places which our customers frequently pass, and by refreshing them always with new cars photos and colorful posters that will appear new to the passers by these places.
On the head of the bulletin boards we will write our company name and Logan so every customer will know us from our Logan.

Radio announcement:
A major advantage of radio ads is they are usually cheaper than television ads, and many people still listen to the radio, for example, when in their cars. So we can do a radio ad about our keys rental cars Company, promotions and telephone number, so almost every one can...

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