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Career Essay

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My Future
For the last 13 years of my life I have had one of the most stressing careers that almost everybody has worked in. Over the past years all I have done is work, work, and more work, all my time has been mostly taken up by this, and the career I am talking about is SCHOOL ! Without a doubt in my mind school has paid a huge part in making into the person who I am today, and the man that I am becoming. Most importantly these 13 years have prepared me for the   new road that lies ahead for me.
The next five years of my life are most likely going to be the most crucial part of this new road I will walk upon. For the first four years I will be starting my next chapter of school, I'll be attending San Jose State University to receive my college education. As of right now my plan is to major in journalism   and see what doors can be opened from there. More importantly for me though, is that I am going to be playing football for this school. Over the next four years I will be playing my heart out and try to make a name for myself so that after the four years are up I can accomplish my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal if for after my four years of college I hope I get the opportunity to get Drafted into the NFL and be able to start my new career as professional football player. I know the odds of that are slim to none, and allot of people would say that I can't accomplish my goal, but I believe anything in life is possible as long as you work hard, give 100 percent, and put your mind and heart into it.
My five year plan may seem more then a pipe dream then anything but I believe it will happen. I have been prepared by school to achieve anything I want, whether it is in a career as a journalist, or my goal as playing in the pros. It may not be easy, but I know I'll make it.

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