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Career Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 19, 2012
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One career that has always caught my attention is architecture. I have told my mother over and over since I was in elementary school that I wanted to become one. Even though I could not spell the word or say the word right I still knew that I wanted to do it. I been drawing ever since I started school and my talents for it grew better as I grew older. So it’s pretty much a fact that it is a career that suits me.
        Architects are people who design buildings and all sorts of landscapes for communities. They make sure that the things they draw on paper are stable and safe and to make sure if they provide for the people that will be working in those buildings. So this means that architects have a lot of responsibility when it involves the way something works. It is safe to say that architects play a leadership role in a business.
            My MBTI results prefer that I am an INTJ. It explains that INTJs have a lot of confidence within their selves and that they have full awareness. They come up with the right decisions and trusts and sticks to them. Pretty much INTJs believe in what they do and they pursue it even though they can be stubborn. And they also believe any and everything can be enhanced, so this really clarifies what I truly am.
          Architects need the drive to be a leader so does INTJs. Architects have to work close with the clients they have to make sure that what they are designing satisfies the customer. Architects have a lot of responsibilities that are included in this list:

  * discussing the objectives, requirements and budget of a project;
  * consulting with other professionals about the design of an environment;
  * preparing and presenting feasibility reports and design proposals to the client;
  * advising the client on the practicality of their project;
  * assisting in site selection;
  * using IT in design and project management, specifically using software packages such as Computer Aided Design (CAD);

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