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Carmelites Essay

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  • on September 21, 2012
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Father Daniel mary, prior of the Carmelite order in calrk.
New t carambel 13 monks small home used as rectory in 500 acre monastery
30 monks gothic church, convent for Carmelite nuns, retreat center for lay visitors, hermitage.
Ranch for sale meets requirements for vision, 8.9 mil. 250000 donation for purchase.
75000 during first year of mystic monk coffee roast operations. Larger roaster 35000. Recive other donations from cody

Carmelites are a religious order of the Caholic church. They have established their hermaage at mount carmel because of its beauty, seclusion and biblical importantce.

Wyoming Carmelite monastery was fou nded by father Daniel mary. Living on 42 acre land.
13 monks decicated to life of prayer and worship monastery founded six yars ago there had been more than 500 inquiires from young men trying to become Carmelites.   Eventurally ather prior Daniel mary wished to have 30 monkes who would join aonastery between ages of 19 and 30.
Hard to join obedience, chastity, and poverty and sacrifces assoiced with living cloistered religious life.

Daily activites
-410am go to chapel for worship. 6am rest before father prior begins mass. Post mass, monks then preformed manual labors.. jseph marie mechanic. Brother paul   was carpeneder, bro peter joseph kitchen, brther elias was the master roaster.
Work 6 hour days, 8 hours dedicated to praying
1140 am stop work and go to chapel, lunch dishes work, 3000 pm brief break for prayer and workship then work until evening prayer, meal more prayer before bedtime

new mt carmel
- monastery for 30 monks
- retreat center for lay visitors, gothic church, a convent for nuns, hermitage.
- 496 acre  
- 17800 residence square fooot, 1700 caretaker house, 2950 gusthouse, hunting cabin, barn.
- Ask price 8.9 bill
Coffee , 150 mil consumers in us. 89 brew cofe at home.   Grocery store retail 4 to 6 $ for 12 oucne.
30 mil enjoy premium quality speicaly coffees sold for 7 to 10 per 12 ounce. Made...

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